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Mobile game with arcade elements? See our Subway Surfers review!

Subway Surfers is quite old production that appeared on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices rather long time ago. However, in spite of many years, the authors still develop Subway Surfers and make it more and more entertaining with every consecutive update. Up to this moment, the game managed to gather millions of players around the world. It is all due to the extraordinary gameplay and mechanics that, required quite a lot of stamina and focus from the player.  
This is what made Subway Surfers popular. However, what can we say about the title itself? Is there anything gripping about the production for longer period than just several days or months? The review we prepared for you will take into account more than just mechanics and gameplay in general. In here, we will talk briefly about visuals, about the interface, and about all other essential things to which Subway Surfers owe its success. 

Subway Surfers Character

What is the story behind the title?

Before we begin our review, it is crucial to know some basics regarding the game. You see, Subway Surfers is a production that appeared on iOS and Android devices in 2012. From the very beginning the game appealed to most of the players. It is because the producers from SYBO Games and Kiloo combined two very popular subgenres and created a game that at this moment is a classic representative of the genre. As a result of that, we receive here an arcade type of game that allows us to participate in endless runs. In other words, it is an auto-runner.
Besides great mix of several subgenres, we should also mention about the background of the game. You see, in Subway Surfers we can also notice a lot of comic elements. In here, we take the role of a juvenile graffiti artist who gets caught red-handed by a law enforcer and his dog. The main goal of the game is to try to escape by running as long as we can.
On our way there will be plenty of obstacles that we can pass by either jumping over them, sliding under, or passing them in other way. The moment we run into an obstacle more than once, we will get caught and fail.


How does the gameplay really look like?

Truth to be told, there are no advanced mechanics hiding behind the game. This simple auto-runner does not allow us to think outside the box. We are forced to avoid obstacles in one of the ways the producers anticipated. Although it may seem like a downside and a kind of limitation, it is a positive thing. 
You see, the main goal the producers had was to create a clear and problem-free game that will be great option to kill your time no matter whether you are very young smartphone user or a mature one. Thanks to simple and clear mechanics, everyone will understand how the game works and what needs to be done in order to win.